Did this addon exist?

Hello all, i am looking for an addon that consider real time beetween 2 learning interval, sorry for my english, I think what i explain is not understandable, so there is an exemple, i have some learned card that i was needed to review last month, but the interval is like 4 days, so when I will review the cards, i want the algoritme to consider that the interval was a month and not just 4 days, because if i answer correctly, even if i should have seen it last month, i want to the next interval to be like 2weeks for hard, 1month for nomal and 2month if it was easy, and not 4 days just beaucause of the interval, i have 33k cards to view/review before december and if easy cards are coming it will make me loose a lot of time, I hope I was understandable and sorry for english natives that have probably threw up their brain like 3 or 4 times when reading this.

Basically I search an addon that consider real interval, and not the “default” one.

thanks hunks

There are plenty of add-ons that let you customise intervals, but why not use Anki’s internal options?
You can set the interval for “easy” new cards and the interval bonus factor for “easy” review cards.

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Anki usually takes the actual interval into account, see https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/studying?id=falling-behind and https://faqs.ankiweb.net/due-times-after-a-break.html

But this only applies to cards in the state “review”. Newly introduced cards are in a “learning” stage, see https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/studying?id=study-overview . Cards in learning use fixed intervals that don’t adjust to a delay. I don’t think that this is ideal but it’s not a problem for me because I don’t have too many or too long learning steps.

The idea behind this additional “learning” stage is that people have all kind of different ideas how often and at which intervals they want to see new cards. Also in general if you fail a card or rate a card as hard it’s better to use shorter intervals in the future. But you are more likely to fail cards that you just started so that actually a failure at this stage doesn’t mean that (contrary to the general rule) not all future intervals should be shorter.

There’s a quite popular (and very long) video how the scheduler actually works at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XaJjbCSXT0

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You have 33k cards to review in 33 days.
It does not matter what the intervals are – you will see cards only once.
You are in binary mode:

  1. You remember the card --> hit Spacebar
  2. Can not recall - hit Again ( i suggest 5 m step; you may use it more than once and then - hit Easy ; set the Easy to 60d ).

Will it work? If not, i have 99 more workarounds :slight_smile:

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