Add-on idea: Setting "Easy interval" based on "Created" date

I add a lot of cards to Anki (typically on a daily basis), but I limit the number of cards I study per day. So I’ve got a pretty big backlog of new cards, and I might not see a card until several weeks after I created it.

It’s not uncommon for me to know the answer to new cards. In those situations, when have recalled that information after several weeks, I don’t think the Easy interval – if it’s set to say five days, for example – reflects a logical interval. It’s the equivalent of review intervals of (for example) 1 > 28 > 5 days.

To my mind, in this kind of situation (where you’ve created a card but don’t start reviewing it for several days or weeks), a logical Easy interval would be based on the number of days since you created the card. More specifically, the Easy interval could be calculated as follows: number of days since the note was created * Starting ease.

For example, say your Starting ease is set to 250%. You study a new card that was created 14 days ago and you mark it as Easy. The interval for that card would be 14 * 250% = 35 days.

This is my add-on idea: a checkbox next to Easy interval labelled “Enable dynamic interval”, which would then adjust the Easy interval, per card, relative to the date the card was created. I appreciate this wouldn’t apply for all use cases (e.g., when using a pre-made deck), but a deck-specific checkbox option would enable you to use the feature when desired.

Am I the only one who would like this? At the moment I’m manually updating the Easy interval on a weekly basis to roughly correspond with the above functionality, but that’s a pretty inelegant solution.


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Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile: However, I don’t think either of these match (or are particularly close) to the functionality I have in mind.

Long story short you want overdue bonus on new cards, where the due date is the creation date. A backlog of reviews can be problematic, but accumulating new cards in queue should be not unless you are learning for an exam or with a deadline.

Perhaps this add-on is somewhat useful for you.


And if you are OK with something much more powerful, there is ReMemorize.


I think this would enable me to manually set a suitable next review date on a per card basis. This would theoretically be the next best thing to it simply being done automatically, but would require me to figure out then enter the relevant interval on a per-card basis, which would be time-consuming.

It is not time-consuming; i’ve been using it since the day it was released.
Keyboard shortcut ‘M’ -->look at the date created --> enter the next interval, not the date.
PS. It is on the AnKingMed’s list of best ad-ons.