Easy Interval Stuck on 4 days for new cards

I used Anki between September 2022 and June 2023 for learning a language. For every new card the Intervals would be (Again 1m) (Hard 3m) (Good 15m) (Easy 4d). If I clicked Again or Hard, the card would then come up again but with new intervals. (Again 1m) (Hard 3m) (Good 1d) (Easy 1d). This ensured that any card that I did not get correct the first time, would show up again the next day. Now on a new deck (Sep 2023), the intervals for a new card remain (Again 1m) (Hard 3m) (Good 15m) (Easy 4d) regardless of how many times I have to reattempt the new card. For example if I press Again three times on the same card and then press Easy, the card will still bury for 4d. I am using the same settings for all my decks and I am wondering why this is no longer how it used to be. Any advice?

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