Feature request: relative schedule


Quite often I do reschedule cards in bulk given a filter search to bypass the initial learning zone when the difficulty is too easy. I would like to increase the current interval by a given percentage or additional days, instead of a random range that affects all cards the same way by date.

I hope more people want this feature,

thank you for all your hard work as always


So, if I understood it correctly, you mean easy cards will get longer intervals (and vice versa)? I vote for this feature. Perhaps we can use the Ease % to determine this?

Not necessarily I rated as easy on the cards I want to reschedule. Increasing easiness would still need several extra reviews, plus afterwards I would want to keep the ease. If I reschedule cards by date, I either reschedule a lot of cards on the same day, or either I dilute to much the intervals.

As an example: I have cards from 1 day to 14 day interval and I want to add a week or adding 50% of their current interval (regardless of the due date).


I think the current rescheduling code needs to be split up to make it easier to control due date and interval separately, and then it’s pretty simple to implement such behaviour on top.


Glad to know is a simple change !