Reschedule into the past


I’m creating cards for things that I learned in the past month. I want all my cards to start with a 7 day interval. I’d like to have due dates of the cards relative to their learn date.

For example if I learned a thing 30 days ago, I want it to have a due date (30-7)=23 days ago.
For a card that I learned 2 days ago I want its due date to be 5 days in the future.

When I use reschedule feature of Anki it can only reschedule in the future. It gives the same due date for all the cards, that is 7 days in the future. That’s not what I want.

How can I achieve that I can schedule in the past?

Thank you any help in advance.

Sorry, Anki doesn’t support doing that at the moment. Maybe there’s an add-on that can?

Hi dae

Thanks for your reply!

I actually tried Change Card Creation Times addon to set the proper creation time to the past for each card.
I could successfully update creation times of the cards, but unfortunately Anki’s reschedule feature still put due date to the future, and totally ignores what are the creation dates of the cards.

If anyone knows about a plugin that I can use to move forward, please let me know.