How to configure Anki if I need to learn a deck for a specific date?

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can anybody tell me how I can configure Anki that way so it helps me learn all of the cards for a specific date? E. g. if I have an exam and I need to be able to know all of the cards by next Tuesday it sometimes isn’t helpful if Anki doesn’t show the cards earlier again than the time frame I select when clicking on one of the buttons of a card (e. g. “good” or “easy”). Is it possible to configure a whole deck that way to determine a specific date and set all the parameters of that deck this way so it changes the learning algorithms in a way that I will have learned all the cards until that day in a good way??

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Thanks. However it is not possible to configure Anki that way it automatically adapts its configuration to help me best prepare for a specific date? Would love seeing such a function and therefore automatically make Anki adapt its configuration of the deck for that specific date.

Not that I know of, but if you follow the suggestions in the FAQ, and combine that strategy with Custom Study, it should work pretty well.

The most important thing, however, is taking your time to learn how deck options work and how to configure them to work for you.

I have a calculator on my blog post about how much to learn with Anki that can give you an idea of how many new cards per day and reviews you’ll need to do.

I think I originally wrote the FAQ entry that @cqg mentions, many moons ago, so the advice in my post is probably going to be pretty similar, but in addition to the calculator, it might go into a bit more detail.


You have a great site, very well written and full of useful information about learning in general and about how to use Anki in particular.

I’ve learned a lot reading your articles, thanks!

Ps: sorry for the off-topic

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Thanks for your answers. Probably need to better understand of how to manually configure Anki. Still think it would be nice if I could just enter a date and Anki helps me to set all the options for me in a way that works well…

There’s really no mistery: divide the total number of cards you have by the number of days you have to study (leave the last days or weeks to consolidate) and use that number as new cards a day. Then, set your review limit to 9999 and do all your reviews everyday.

That’s all.

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Thanks cqg,

when I tell some cards to be shown in like 2, 3 or 4 days again (by selecting “good” or “easy”) but I only have two days left, these cards are left out then for learning. Therefore I have to change the interval for easy cards to the lowest limit too, do I see that right??

Not really. Long story, short: SRS works well when used for longer periods of time, If I had just a few days to prepare the exam, I wouldn’t use Anki the standard way; I would use Filtered decks instead.