Anki settings for a very specific use case

Hey, everyone. So I want to use Anki for something I know it isn’t suited for, but I think this is the best option for me. I study from video lectures (taking notes in a notebook), and I want to save ONLY their label (like “Lec #02”) as a card in Anki, so that when I sit down to revise using Anki, it tells me which lectures’ notes I need to revise that day.

The reason I can’t make “proper” cards is that I don’t have that much time, but I still need a system which can optimize my revision time. I am not new to Anki, but it still confuses me. I need some expert advice for my peculiar use case:

My current Learning steps are 15m 1d 6d

After attending a lecture, I make a new card (“Lec #02”), and immediately mark it ‘Good’ (1 day).

Then every morning I sit down to revise. When studying a card (like “Lec #01”), I will open my notebook, revise that particular lecture’s notes, then almost always I will be pressing ‘Good’ for every card.

Now, the problem is I don’t really understand Learning cards v/s Graduated cards. And I don’t care about this because I will always press ‘Good’. There is no “Learning” phase for me, I think. So should I graduate a card the same day I study it (by setting Graduating interval to 1)?

Also, because I study from my notes, I don’t want my cards to be randomized when studying. So I use a Filtered deck specifying the tag (like "Maths::Geometry), and set ‘cards selected by’ to Order added.

Please tell me if this is the right way to do it. Are there any flaws in this? For example, if I miss a day, would this still hold up? I am very confused.

Thank you!

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