Automatic Display Answer

Hi Guys!
First of all thank you very much for great job that you are doing. I think Anki is awesome and you by helping confused users like me are amazing!
Having sad that I have a problem too/ a request for help/advice.
I am not that type of guy who just shoot a question without firstly tring to solve it alone. So it is like that in this case, but i am still helpless.
So my problem is that on my phone with Android (and i tried 3 different) option “AUTOMATIC DISPLAY ANSWER” doesn’t work properly. This problem occur if on Flashcards question side is read with TTS (works good, i can hear it good) and then copule seconds later it is been playing a media sound (works good, i can hear it good) but then the Flashcard STOP and don’t show me automatically next one… It is very frustrating…
If i for example put on both sides of flashcard a Media or on both sides text to read (TTS) then it works properly… but this is not what i want to have.
I went through all options on mobile phone, i tried on computer to use few different types of notes but the problem is still there.
If this option would work then i could do for example my reviews by listening to the questions with Text on Speech (TTS) and few seconds later checking it up with added native Media. It would be great!! But unfortunately this doesn’t work…
Thank you guys for your Help!