Auto-advance on AnkiDroid

So on the desktop I manage to let my card being read out loud with TTS and then auto-advance with Speed focus mode.
But is there a way to do this/something similar on AnkiDroid? Especially the auto-advance part, but in a way that it keeps working with TTS/audio files?

It works but it has a bug (see the link below).
The function is called Automatic display answer and you have two options how to use it.

  1. Switch off TTS and put audio files to notes.
  2. Switch on TTS but have notes without audio files. Also, TTS must not be set to “don’t speak”.
    [Bug] Automatic answer doesn't work when using AnkiDroidJS.ankiTtsSpeak() for TTS (Set TTS language = Don't speak) · Issue #10766 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

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