How can I configurate the native TTS on AnkiDroid

right now i am prefering to use the AnkiDroid and abandon the desktop app. And I am strugging on the authomatic TTS. The first time it asked me for the language I puted german, but now it is reading portuguese or english with german voice. Can I change it ?
I would also like it to not read the back of the card, only the front, and not every deck.
Is there a way to change the configuration on the settings page ?

I found the docs. but i think they are incomplete. it says ", you’ll need to use the “reset languages option described below and reconfigure for each deck.” but it is not describing the reset languages option bellow.

Aditionally, it is stating here I can chose how the cards are spoken within the card template, but how can I make it so it nevers read that card, if I want the TTS silent ?

Once you’ve chosen your language for front / back, you can change language by clicking on menu > Set TTS language.
Having said that, the automatic TTS on Ankidroid had never worked really well for me.

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it worked, thanks.
Maybe i should update the docs.
Why does it not work for you ? something that could be fixed ?

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