Text to speech won't play automatically with my anki mobile app


I have an 8bitdo zero 2 controller set up for my laptop, but I’m trying to get it to work with my Anki Mobile app. I have been able to remap the letters ABXY, but mapping the other keys and getting the text-to-speech to work is proving to be more difficult.

Right now the text-to-speech won’t play automatically. Mapping a key to “current audio +/- 5s” doesn’t help and my controller doesn’t respond to that anyway. I can map my R and L shoulders to replay audio, but when I go to show the answer it still reads as “blank anemia is associated with blank” and doesn’t fill in with the words that are shown. It should also only read the words that were revealed since I have it as cloze:text-only. None of the arrow keys will respond to anything either. I think if I can just get the audio to play automatically I won’t need to do much else. Any ideas on what I should do for this to work?

Please make sure your mute/vibrate switch is not on, as that will prevent audio from playing automatically.

The current audio +/- actions only work with audio files - they won’t affect the built-in TTS.

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Wow. Thank you so much!