Is there a way to toggle/initiate text-to-speech with a game controller button

I haven’t set up text-to-speech on ankimobile yet, but I assume that once you do it automatically reads cards out loud? If not, please let me know. But assuming it does, I don’t always want it to do that, like if I’m in a lecture … So, I wanted to know if I could instead somehow activate text-to-speech on each card by pressing a button on my game controller (eg, through a defined user action if necessary) to have the card read when I want (eg, while walking or driving) but otherwise not (in case I’m in a place where I don’t want my stuff playing out loud). I feel like that’s a reasonable request? Let me know and thanks!

It is not possible to toggle autoplay behavior via a controller button press, but by default, AnkiMobile will not automatically play audio when you have your phone set to mute/vibrate.

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