AnkiWeb temporarily offline

Something has gone wrong on AnkiWeb, and it’s going to take me a while to get things back up again.

Please see AnkiWeb temporarily offline - #30 by dae for the latest status.


Hi, I am trying to sync my Anki cards but I get the following message on my phone and computer. Can you please advice me on what I should do

Thank you


It is a server problem. Soon will be solved. AnkiWeb temporarily offline

Thank you. Can I still do my cards and it won’t cause issues? Just that I cannot sync

I’m afraid this is taking longer than originally anticipated - hopefully it won’t take more than another hour.


Thanks as always, Dae, for being such a great Dev!

Hello, I’m from Brazil. here it is too


Glad to know I’m not the only one with the issue. Hopefully it resolves soon :slight_smile:

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Thank you Dae for notifying, hope the troubleshooting/maintenance goes well.

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Made an account here just to say thank you for all your hard work.

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hi, when Anki comes back normally tell me, please

The servers weren’t hacked - this was a bug in a routine deployment that caused AnkiWeb to lose track of which users were on which servers. The good news is that no data has been lost, but unfortunately the backup restoration process is taking some time, and it could be approximately another 2 1/2 hours before I can bring things up again. :frowning:

(For the technically curious: the user database is backed up by once-a-day full backups, and a stream of incremental changes. The timing was unfortunate here, as the last full backup was close to 24 hours ago, so it’s taking time to re-apply the last 24 hours of changes)


If there are no pending changes from your other devices, then it’s fine to review/add as normal. But if you last made changes on a different device and synced it, please continue using that device until syncing comes back online.

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I think a notice should be posted on the official website or somewhere obvious to inform all users.I always thought it was caused by problems with my own equipment…:cry:


I last made changes on ankiweb. They haven’t yet been synced to my device. Is it still ok to review on my local device without causing issues?


If you only added cards, and the next sync would not have been a full sync, then reviewing on your local device should be ok - the additions and reviews will get merged when you later sync.

No, no data has been lost: any changes made in the last 24 hours will remain.

Dae, thank you very much for working hard to restore service. We appreciate you!


Is there a dedicated page for checking the status? (Status.Ankiweb perhaps??) Having to find the post on the forums every 20 mins for updates for this particular outage is not very intuitive.

It’s usually the first place people look for when there’s an outage, since there isn’t one (at least, i cant find it) people will be flocking to post on the forums.