no longer accessible

Hi, I am a frequent user of and I usually access it from China, but it’s been unavailable for two weeks: it takes very long time to load the website until the following shows

Is there any problem with the website? Hope this would be fixed soon. Thanks!

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The site loads fine in Safari on a machine here, so I suspect this may be an issue with a network filter - either local antivirus/firewall, or filtering done by your government. The site was updated approximately 2 weeks ago and some files moved around - perhaps the new filenames are mistakenly triggering your antivirus? Have you tried loading the page in a different browser like Chrome?

Hi, thanks for your advice and the problem has been solved.

I have tried Chrome and Safari on iOS 14.3 and the latest macOS Big Sur, Explorer on Windows 7 and Edge on Windows 10, through Wi-Fi connection of my home or workplace. The problem had persisted, until I did the following:

  1. not using the private mode of the browser
  2. accessing ankiweb site through cellular rather than a Wi-Fi connection
  3. saving the username and password after successful login
  4. reconnecting to any Wi-Fi network

So it could be true that the updated site triggered some filtering within a Wi-Fi network. But it seems that it might have something to do with the browser’s private mode. Anyway, it’s ok now. Thank you!