Is AnkiWeb down?

Is ankiweb down? I can’t seem to access the website for about 1 hour already. Is there something going on?

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Normal here(Nanjing, Jiangsu, China).

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Everything fine here (Europe). Where are you located?


I’m having problems too. In Singapore now

Same i have problems syncing when opening my anki app in singapore

Are you using SingTel by any chance?

yes i am

Me too I was using ankiweb about 5pm when I stopped being able to access the website

I can’t sync or access AnkiWeb in Australia.

I’m on Singtel for both mobile data and broadband. I can access Anki Web through web browser but I can’t sync using Anki Mobile or Anki on MacBook.

I just tried again and the syncing on Anki mobile on my phone works now :slight_smile:

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Update: I am now able to access ankiweb

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For what it’s worth, AnkiWeb was not under maintenance, nor was it blocking any particular group of connections. Based on the current reports, this appears to have been an issue with SingTel. They own Optus, which would explain why some users in Australia were affected too.

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