Trouble logging in?

Anyone else having trouble logging in to ankiweb? The site won’t even load for me, just this forum page allowed me to create an account and log in.
Is something broken short term? Any help appreciated.


I currently have no problem connecting to, and in general if you want to check whether this is a problem of the website or your connection, you can go on sites like - Is Ankiweb Down Right Now?.

Besides that, I have already found myself in your kind of situation, after trying to make an index of the available add-ons by scraping its website. At the time, I didn’t put any restriction on who quickly the scraper would make requests to the website (quite stupidly), ending in an automatically-fired temporary ban for attempted ddos. Have you done anything similar? If so, don’t worry, the temporary ban shouldn’t last long (I think it was one day or something like that).

Otherwise, I would recommend trying to disable any VPN / proxy you may have setup, as one of these may be poorly configured, although this seems unlikely as you seem to be able to connect to at least one website…

It may also be a temporary issue with your network provider: Syncing failed: Connection timed out errors when syncing - Frequently Asked Questions