AnkiWeb (.net) is limiting my reviews per day - please help

I went to “Limits” and increased to 9,999 per day, but it is still constantly telling me I am done reviewing my cards for the day, when I want to keep going. Is this a glitch? Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this? Thanks so much!

Do you mean the new cards / day limit or the max review / day limit?

Max reviews/day limit.

(Exactly as I stated in the subject heading.)


I read this already. So, there is no way to choose/change the 4 choices of review time periods at the bottom, for a specific card or cards?

Also this does not seem to be about AnkiWeb specifically, there is no “Preview” button in the upper right corner. I ONLY use AnikWeb .net.

If you just want to quickly flip through some cards to check for mistakes after creating them or get a general idea of what’s there, you can use the Preview button in the upper-right corner of the Browse screen.

Ankiweb is not a fully featured product, it was designed mainly to review your cards when you can’t use your personal computer, and for syncing your collection between different devices.

For normal use, the computer version is recommended. Many people use also Ankimobile for iOS or Ankidroid for mobile devices.


Thank you. Is there any free Anki app (for either computer or Droid)? I am very anti-Apple.

The computer version, the android version and ankiweb are all free. Ankimobile for iOS is not, but its profits go to support the development of Anki:


Thank you. Can I download the app to 2 different laptops, and also download the Droid app for my phone, and sync all the cards from each/have those be exactly the same?

Also, is there an app for Chromebook?

Here is the link to where you can download all the different platforms: Download Anki

Syncing to all your different devices is one of the main features of Anki. As long as you are using the same Ankiweb account on all your devices, it’s a simple process that you control. Here is the relevant part of the manual: Syncing with AnkiWeb


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