Big sync problem today... Never happened before. Please help me

(I chose the “Anki Desktop” forum, but it’s a problem that encompasses my Android version too).

This is the situation I most feared from all the years I used this app:

Anki did not register my reviews for the day. It’s awful. I would not mind studying double the time with other questions, but the dread of reviewing a second time hundreds of cards I just did earlier kills me.

1- I did my reviews on my phone

2- I synced my phone to the server.

3- I synced my computer… then I see that the numbers did not go to 0, but to where I was before starting my reviews (actually: only for my last deck, but it’s the huge one).

4- In panic I resynced my phone… but instead of overwriting the server with the good data, it took the (false) data from the server.

Is there any chance there’s a way to revert my collection to the way it was at a certain hour today (just after I synced my phone, but before I synced my Windows)?

Also… the fact that I don’t understand what happened makes me afraid it could happen any other time.

I did over 1000 days. I’m not new at this.

Thanks for reading.

Yep, just restore from a backup. Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

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