Anki and AnkiDroid - out of sync

Every time I wake up in the morning I see that my review cards are out of sync. On AnkiDroid I should have seen review cards that appeared on my desktop. Every time I close or open any device that is connected to Anki I make sure to do a sync in order to keep things updated. This problem occurs to me only with review cards. When I add new cards and click sync then trying to learn them on the phone everything works perfectly fine. I tried to uninstall anki on the phone, deleting cache, etc but nothing really worked for me. Is there anything I could do to solve the issue?

It got synchronized in the evening when I randomly checked the phone. I don’t really understand how does it work o.o

I had something similar going on, resolved it by ticking the “new timezone handling” box in Ankidroid - settings - reviewing. Hope this will work for you too.

I’ve just checked that box and reviews reappeared! Thank you