Ankiweb doesn't count given answers


normally I use Anki on my MacBook and that works fine.

But I need to use Ankiweb via Browser sometimes and that seems to not work any more since today. Ankiweb does not count the answers I give.

I tried MS Edge, google chrome and safari on different systems (Windows and macOS) and the error is the same in all cases.

I tried to sync and quit the macOS-App, but that did not solve the Problem.

Have you any idea what could be the reason for this error? Or is it a general Anki-Problem at the moment?

yesterday I changed the Username in my Anki-macos-APP from “Benutzer 1” to “David”. Is it possible that this change causes the error?

Kind regards

Nothing has changed on AnkiWeb recently. Changing your profile name shouldn’t cause any problems, but if you were asked to upload/download when you synced, if you chose upload it would overwrite any changes you had made on AnkiWeb since the last sync.