Sync difficulties Ankiweb to mac OS 10.14.4+ (intel 2.1.54, Q6)

I study my ANKI deck using Ankiweb because I am unable to access a device with the desktop or mobile app in my workplace where I get most of my study done.
However, I’d like to track my study stats using the desktop app as I can’t see any way to do that on Ankiweb.
For some reason my study sessions on AnkiWeb are not getting synced to my desktop app. I click sync on the desktop app, but it doesn’t pick up any of the studied cards that I can see are correct on Ankiweb.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app with no change, and have checked both are definitely logged into the same profile + email address.
Thanks for your help.

That’s strange. Were you prompted to upload/download? Have you tried syncing again, answering a card and syncing again? How do the counts differ before and after?

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