AnkiMobile scroll lag with fingers when controller connected

Hi Damien, actually I’ve been facing an issue on my AnkiMobile app ever since that Nov-Dec '23 update but didn’t have time to report it earlier due to exams. I use 8BitDo Zero 2 and Xbox Series S/X controller (alternatively, never both at a time!) as gamepads and everything works fine with them. But when either of them is connected, scrolling with fingers(touch) lags and works more like in pieces of scrolling rather than a continuous scroll, despite scrolling with the gamepad working fine as expected. What could be the problem here?

Moreover, I’ve another issue that in the browser when I use preview feature to take a glance at a lot of cards at a time(around 100 say), app crashes. I’m using iPad 9th generation 256gb with around 100gb occupied only.

Please guide me accordingly, thanks.

I’ll try to reproduce the gamepad issue when I have a chance. For the preview crashes, I’ll send you a link to the current beta version. If crashes persist there, please send me your crash logs.

Thanks for your response, I have a huge collection of cards on my current app, wouldn’t be wise imo to join beta on that… I’ll join on another device after some days and respond accordingly…

Regarding gamepad issue, kindly do give it a look when you can, thanks in advance.