Strange sliding on iOS16

Hi Damien,

I’m relatively sure that in the past on iOS, you couldn’t move a page up or down (“scroll”) if the content didn’t extend beyond the visible page.

Any page, no matter how full, can now be moved up and down, which is very irritating?

Did this come with iOS16?

How to get rid of this?

Thanks and many greetings

Looks like standard iOS behaviour to me.

Yes, it seems so. But it was definitiv different in the past. Therefore the request, if it came with iOS16 and if there’s something that can be done about it in Anki itself. If you use clozes and taps or slides it is pretty annoying when changing sides.

That views can be swiped up and down across the screen boundaries and then bounce back isn’t new in iOS 16.

That may be so, but I am quite sure that it has not always been so. May I therefore ask you in which role you act here in the forum? Only because I would find it a pity if the hint would simply be dismissed and thus not reach Damien at all.

I am a regular user. If you want to raise Damien’s awareness, you should use @dae.

I read all threads, there’s no need to explicitly tag me. AnkiMobile contains code that tries to prevent the bouncing behaviour, since it’s distracting when making gestures. For some reason that appears to have broken at one point; I will look into why.

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That’s great. Thank you. Meanwhile I changed my Logic of using taps and swipes a bit, what makes it more “bearable”. :slight_smile:


Hi Damien,

Anki mobile is still on, isn’t it?

Is there a chance that this issue here will get fixed in the next update and when would it be likely to get released?



I have a backlog of things I’d like to get to before the next AnkiMobile release, and this is on it.