Swipe left and right too sensitive (and breaking overflow scrolling content)

Scrolling right (or swiping left on overflow content like this (a pre code block)) launches the menu, so you can’t properly see the rest of the text.

If it uses “overflow: auto” or “overflow-x: scroll;” it’ll keep launching the menu. It’s quite annoying and makes the card not very usable. With code snippets, it’s going to need to scroll quite often (I don’t remember earlier versions of AnkiMobile having this issue)

Scrolling back the other way, left, causes you to go back to the deck screen.

I’d rather not have to hard wrap as it breaks legibility. Making text smaller isn’t much of a fix either. I feel this is a UI issue.

I hope that’s clearly worded.

If you need an example deck, let me know.

AnkiMobile can only detect scrolling if it’s happening to the entire document, not a single div. There are two ways you can work around this:

  • disable the swipe gesture in preferences>review>swipes
  • modify your card template so that inner divs don’t use overflow

Hmm. Well I’d rather not modify the card template as code could look a bit odd if it’s wrapping, so I guess disabling the swipe gesture could work.

I still feel the mobile app UI would feel a little nicer if it were less sensitive. For instance, Safari swipes from the edge of the screen, not the middle. For example, this example in iOS Safari has the best of both worlds, overflow and swipe.

Is this the same on Android devices? I don’t own one so can’t check.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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AnkiMobile used to behave that way, but other users complained that they wanted to activate swipes from the middle as well, such as Swipes left/right are registered only half of the time

Ugh. You fix it for one person and it breaks for another person!!

Well, I’d much appreciate an option for “swipe from edge” to get back that original feature if it can be shoehorned in somehow.

Understand it’s difficult to please everyone :smile:

(FYI: I disagree with that guy)

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