Gestures/swiping too insensitive

I am having a hard time triggering gestures since the latest updates. I’m not sure which of 2.0.89 or 2.0.88 caused this, but I’m guessing the latter. Basically I have to swipe multiple, sometimes up to ten, times to trigger the actions.


Which direction is the gesture, and is it possible your card is scrolling when you try to activate the gesture?

I’m having the same problem.

I swipe from left to right to bury cards, but now that’s much more difficult to do.

@dae Cards are not scrolling when swiping like this.

Hmm, a left-to-right swipe triggers reliably for me. Are your cards ones that take up more than one screen and can be scrolled? I’m wondering whether a minute scroll up or down is what is causing the problem. Also please note that you no longer need to begin the swipe from the far edge - you can start it anywhere on the screen.

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It happens even on cards that take up only one screen.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I paid a little more attention when swiping: It does look like that a very small scroll up or down is triggered. But this happens often when swiping even with a small angle applied.

Maybe this got a little more sensitive after the last update.

P.S: I didn’t realize that now one can swipe anywhere on the screen, so thank you.

@johlars are your swipes left/right as well? Perhaps the solution here is to ignore up/down movement for horizontal swipes.

Yes it seems like what’s happening is that I scroll down (even if the whole card fits on the screen) when trying to swipe sideways. If I try to be extremely careful swiping it seems like the chances of it working increase. Swiping up or down (as a gesture) actually doesn’t work at all, no matter how many times I try. It just tries to scroll, even if the card fits and there is no scroll bar.

An up/down gesture should work provided you’re already at the bottom/top of the scroll range - scrolling takes precedence there. I’ve added the left/right issue to the todo list to look into.

Right, of course, that makes sense (but also makes up and down gestures pretty much useless). I have to say that I preferred the old behavior.

Hi there.
I am having the same problem with left/right swipes. I was using them a lot before but with the new behavior I need 2-3 tries until it works.
Additionally, up/down swipes don’t work at all for me, no matter where I am on the card or how much text there is on the card. I hope this change will be reverted.

Some fixes for this are coming in 2.0.90, which will likely be sent to Apple tomorrow.

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