AnkiMobile not suspending cards suspended on Desktop

My AnkiMobile (iOS) is not suspending cards that I have suspended on my Desktop - but it is only certain cards.

On the desktop, I am periodically suspending cards in my deck that are now at 4-month intervals that are now just too easy/a waste of time. In addition, sometimes I will uncover a block of cards about one subject, only to find that when I am actually doing the new cards, some of them are also too easy/covered elsewhere/not helpful/etc. I will suspend and then Red flag these cards so I know that it’s not just a card I haven’t gotten to yet, but a card I should not ever do. I don’t want to delete these cards in case they might provide the information in a way that may be helpful to me later, and sometimes they have good pictures/diagrams in the extra section.

These cards that I have suspended, and then put a Red flag on, are still showing up on my AnkiMobile even after I have confirmed that they are suspended on desktop and after syncing both of the applications multiple times. How can I ensure that these WILL NOT show up on AnkiMobile? Like I said, these are all “waste of time” cards and it’s getting really frustrating as this keeps happening, to the point that I’m not using my AnkiMobile right now.

After reading previous forums, I have already confirmed that my time zone is the same on both devices, have restarted the app on both Desktop and phone (even deleted and re-installed the phone app), and have already done Check Database.

Thank you!

If you’re suspending and flagging the card at the same time (before syncing), it shouldn’t be possible for one of those actions to sync but not the other. If you locate a problem card on AnkiMobile, is it flagged?

You look to be using an older computer version, so one thing to check would be if you can reproduce the problem after updating to the latest version, and disabling any add-ons you’re using temporarily.

Right, that is what I thought. Indeed, when I go onto AnkiMobile iOS, it shows the cards as flagged but still shows me them (i.e. they are not suspended).

I updated Anki to the latest version, started with all add-ons disabled, and it’s still doing the same thing. :frowning:

After syncing normally, please force a one way sync in AnkiMobile’s preferences and choose download on the next sync, which will do a verbatim copy from AnkiWeb. Does that resolve the issue? If not, could you please point me to a card I should search for in your collection that displays differently on the two platforms?

That fixed it - thank you!