Tag/Suspend Info message not appearing

Since the recent update, we don’t get the info popup about a card getting tagged/suspended when it lapses enough times. If this was intended, I feel like it should have been in the release notes. I was pretty scared it was not working for a while! Manually checking, cards seem to get suspended correctly as leeches, though.

Maybe it would be nice to get an option for this, as I automatically suspend cards but sometimes upon getting the message I may bury the card instead if I feel it’s an important one. Or maybe it’s just a bug, since the functionality seems unchanged on Desktop?

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This was not a deliberate change; I’ll look into what’s caused it. In the mean time, you might want to consider moving to the v3 scheduler - I suspect this is a v2-only issue.


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Thanks! Switched to V3 and it’s working now. Hope I didn’t mess anything up fiddling with new deck options.