problems with suspended cards

I have the option selected to suspend cards when I miss more than 4 times. but whenever I look for suspended cards there are never any. I once tried to put the “tag” option but, again, no card with tags ever appeared.

Apparently the error marker is not working, so anki is not managing to mark my errors with the TAG or suspending my cards, it seems that whenever I make a mistake it’s like the first mistake… I can see the hit markers increase , but I don’t see the same for the error markers… What can I do to change this?

Maybe there’s a misconception of what constitutes a “leech”:

Each time a review card ‘lapses’ (is failed while it is review mode), a counter is increased.

From: Leeches - Anki Manual

Failing cards that are still in the learning phase (steps) will not increase that counter - only failing matured cards does.

What exactly do you mean? Are you referring to this add-on?


Thank you!