Due cards are getting automatically suspended. Please help!

Hello. I am using a premade deck in which I have all the cards suspended initially. When I want to study a subject, I unsuspend the specific tag and go over the new cards. However, I am having a problem. Cards that were due today or yesterday never showed up in my review. I checked and they were suspended. What’s weird is that some cards are normal and not suspended, some of them are even from the same deck. Also, I see that some of my cards are showing “New” even though I have gone over them.
Is this happening because of the tags? Thank you.

Most likely the cards are not suspended but buried i.e. suspended for a day. You can disable burying in the deck group settings. :gear:

In one of my decks, there were none buried but in one, the reviews were buried until the next day. I have unchecked that now. Do I have to unsuspend manually to get the cards back? What about the deck that had no buried cards? I also checked is:buried in browse but there are no cards there.

The only time Anki will automatically suspend cards is if you fail them repeatedly: Anki Manual

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