AnkiMobile 24.05

in AnkiMobile version 24.05 (240500.1), trying to create a new “Image Occlusion” note (more specifically, trying to add an image to the note type) seems to cause a crash.

Reproduction steps
  • Select “Image Occlusion” note type
  • Tap the two squares button
  • Tap “From Photos”
  • Tap a photo

It doesn’t occur in 24.04 (240400.6).

I can’t seem to reproduce this on the latest iOS. I’ll see if I can trigger it with an older version - in the mean time, are you able to update?

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Yes, I can (and should have done beforehand). Thank you for your time and pointing it out.

I updated iOS just now from 16.3.1 to 17.4.1, and it seems to resolve the issue. After the update, the crash is no longer reproduced.

Thanks for the report; this revealed another issue with older iOS versions, which should be fixed in the next beta.

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