How to add image occlusion card

On the latest updates, ankimobile support add image occlusion in this app, but l can’t find the right way to creat it. It would be better to illustrate the process with pictures. Thanks for instruction.

In the upper left, you have to choose the note type image occlusion.

It prompts you to add an image then. In the next step, the rectangle tool is already activated. You draw rectangles over what you want to hide and choose one of the buttons (hide all, guess one or hide one, guess one) at the bottom to create the note.


Someone created a short video walkthrough:

AnkiMobile can now create Image occlusions!

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Can you share the cards of image occlusion note type? I can’t find the right type. Thanks a lot.

Have you already upgraded to the latest version?

Yes, of course. But I only use iPad, and I can’t find the right note type on it.

I have finded the note type. Thanks for warm helping.

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