[Bugs report] Image Occlusion problems

iPadOS 17.2
iPad pro 12.9 2nd generation
AnkiMobile v.23.12

。After merging all masks, I try to edit the backside “Note”. I type words via onscreen keyboard, but some characters can’t show
Ex: m, l, p, e, r, t …

。After editing Note, I review the “Mask tab”, but all the masks I merged before are separated automatically.

。Can you please add the “drawing feature” to the “Note” of Image Occlusion such as “Header”, “Back extras”?
Every time I wanna draw some picture, I have to add card first and then go back to “Browse” to edit the card. That’s quite annoying.

Thanks, I’ve logged this on Shortcuts are conflicting with text input in image occlusion on mobile · Issue #2915 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by this. Would you mind elaborating?

That’s tricky with the current architecture. The plan in the future is to try to integrate the desktop version’s editor into AnkiMobile, and when that happens it should be possible to provide things like drawing at the same time.

Hi ~
I have took some pictures to demonstrate the bugs

  1. combine all the masks into one object

  2. go to edit Note, some characters can’t show

  3. go back to review Mask, all the masks become independent object automatically, which will cause I make 3 cards.

Ok, 2 is caused by 1 - the shortcut keys are active in the editing screen, and you’re pressing the shortcut key to ungroup the objects. Once we fix 1, it will fix 2.

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