AnkiDroid does not syncing with Anki Desktop

Hi guys, I use anki to learn english, it’s amazing! Congratulations to the developers (I’m a developer and I know how complicated it is).

My Anki desktop and web work fine, but AnkiDroid doesn’t work right because I add a card in Anki Desktop and the card doesn’t show up in AnkiDroid, before AnkiDroid worked correctly.

This has been happening for a few days, every day I add 15 cards to Anki Desktop and usually when I log into AnkiDroid the next day I review some cards but when I add cars on Anki Desktop or Web they don’t show up on Anki Droid.

If I add cards on AnkiDroid they appear on Anki Desktop, I just don’t use AnkiDroid to add the cards because it doesn’t have a Google Audio Translator extension.

I use Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Redmi 7 Xiomi, I don’t speak English fluently so I’m sorry for any error in my question.