Anki Web and Anki Desktop do not have the same reviews

I have a problem with the synchronization of the maximum repetitions per day between AnkiWeb and AnkiDesktop.
I use many substacks. For the top stack I have set the number of maximum reviews to 200 for example. For the individual substacks the number of reviews is then also set to 200. If I now have performed 200 repetitions in the upper stack, the substacks should count down to 0 repetitions. However, although the maximum limit of the upper stack has been reached, they remain at 200. If I now learn in a special sub-stack (which is strangely possible even if the top stack is already set to 0), this also counts down, but the other top stacks remain at 200. So I can perform significantly more reviews per day than the planned 200.
However, this problem only occurs on my iPad and in the web version. On my laptop (I’m using version 2.1.35 on my Windows 10), the sub-stacks do NOT exceed the number of the top stack. I have not changed anything in the settings, yet this problem has suddenly appeared.
I have also already forced a synchronization in one direction, yet desktop version and web view do not match. Unfortunately, I do not really know how to help myself, since I can not change any settings in AnkiWeb.

Strangely all other synchronizations work. When I add a map, I can see it on all devices. Also changes to the maximum reviews change, only then the error occurs in the web when counting.

Attached are 2 photos that show the problem. First one is the desktop version, the second one from AnkiWeb.
2021-09-19 21_18_14-Window

I’ve been thinking about your case, but haven’t come to a conclusion yet. I think it must be something relating to different schedulers you may be using on different devices. Anki 2.1.35 doesn’t support the “V3” scheduler.

Here is the schedulers’ documentation. Maybe your brain works better than mine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you very much! That was the problem :slight_smile: