Anki UNinstallation macOS Big Sur

Hi Everyone.

I’m running MacOS Big Sur. I use two large premade decks on my Anki. If I want to reinstall everything so it’s like starting from new, do I have to reinstall MacOS? I’m asking because after dragging the Anki app to trash, there are still Anki system files remaining and it’s difficult to ensure that every last file is deleted. Do those files affect my new, next Anki installation? Would it be enough to create a new ankiweb account and sync to that one in order to create a completely fresh, “factory” setup?

I read the manual and there are some inconsistencies or it’s just me not understanding. My Library shows both an Anki and Anki2 folder.

I also searched the forum and found one topic of the same nature (older OS) but a solution was never provided.

Thank you very much

In fact, you don’t even need to uninstall Anki.

  1. Open Anki
  2. Switch Profile with Shift+Cmd+P
  3. Add a new Profile, name it as you want. You can also delete the old one here.
  4. In the new profile, import the premade decks.
  5. Now, click “Sync” and enter your credentials for AnkiWeb
  6. You will now be told, that your collections differ in a way that they can not be merged
  7. Choose Upload. Done.
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Thanks a lot, that’s awesome. I think you solved the problem for me and perhaps many other users.

If I go through the steps you explained, I create everything as if starting from complete “scratch”, is that correct? Namely, any errors, mistakes I might’ve had will not be present in the new set up. Please let me know if that’s correct.

I did go through the steps and only thing is there is still some media files left over on AnkiWeb, but barely any (0.88MB). I’m assuming that doesn’t matter and is still as clean as “new”.

Thank you very much.

Tools>Check Media should clear up any unused media files. By creating a new profile, you’re starting with a fresh slate in terms of card text and scheduling.