Clean install/set up of anki


I have a question regarding clean install/set up of Anki on MacOS Big Sur. This is mostly because after dragging the Anki app to the trash, there still remain some Anki files in the computer library.
Hence my issue: Do I need to reinstall the system every time I would like to have a clean install of Anki?
The problem with this is that it takes a lot of time. Is there any other way to have a clean install? I’m not an expert with computers so please excuse any potential ignorance on my side.

Thank you very much

The program files are in the .app folder. Your user data is in your data folder: Anki Manual

Thank you for responding.

Does this mean I don’t have to reinstall MacOS?

What if I leave those files be and just drag the app to trash and then sync to a new ankiweb account. Would that also be a clean install?


Please delete this post if possible. I reposted, hopefully making the question more clear. Thanks!