Anki on MacOS X: Where can I find instructions to do a complete uninstall

My Anki on MacOS X became corrupted. I uninstalled it completely using CleanMyMac which deletes auxiliary files also, however not everything is deleted. I reinstalled Anki after rebooting and it is still corrupted. Some state was preserved even after the uninstall.

How can I do a complete clean uninstall on MacOS X?

Please next time share the cross-post with reddit as you may potentially waste a volunteer’s time once the issue is solved there.

It doesn’t seem this question has been answered. Can someone provide a clear answer? Is there an uninstaller for Mac OS? I can’t find instructions anywhere. I too want to have a fresh start with Anki for various reasons.


The program files are all contained in the .app file. Your user data is all contained in Anki’s data folder.

This does not answer the question at all. This information is readily available in the Anki manual.

Again, can someone who definitely knows the answer please provide a clear answer to the question?


Since there has been no answer 18 hours after my original post, I decided to just guess at how to uninstall and have a fresh start with Anki. This, of course, is less than ideal, and hopefully someone who actually knows will provide an answer some day.

But until then, I offer the steps I took below as best I can remember. I had 3 places to consider: MacOS Anki, iOS Anki App, and ankiweb.

  1. deleted each deck on both the computer version and at ankiweb
  2. deleted the iOS Anki App, removing all its data
  3. then signed out of ankiweb
  4. closed Anki on my computer, trashed all Anki folders located in

~/Library/Application Support/

trashed the Anki App in the application folder, emptied the trash, and

  1. Restarted the computer and installed the latest Anki Version 2.1.29 (bbff62bf). Opened Anki, resigned in on ankiweb and it said:

You have 306.76MB of media stored in your account. If you recently deleted notes that referenced sounds or images, you can use Tools>Check Media in the computer version of Anki to remove any unused media, and then sync to remove it from AnkiWeb as well.

On my computer when I tried to sync it asked if I wanted to download media, so I said no.

  1. Then I used Tools–> Check Media and saw a window showing all the unused media. I chose to delete all of those, which took a minute or so and then when I refreshed ankiweb it showed I only had 6.5MB
  2. I then did a final sync on the computer and saw just the default deck in both locations
  3. reinstalled the iOS Anki App
  4. The first time I did a sync, needed to sign in at all 3 locations