Anki Tutor Needed!

I’ve recently started studying a deck for Spanish conjugation. I’ve never used Anki before and don’t have time to read and try to understand the manual. I’m willing to pay an experienced user for a tutoring session to help me understand the app and answer some questions related to this deck. Thanks! Doug:

Please, check from @AnKingMed

No thanks, too expensive. I’m not a medical student.

Honestly, I think Anki’s manual is somehow good enough. When I need to read a ton of documentation (which, among all topics, is especially the case in TeX where each package author though it was a good idea to produce a 500 page pdf to showcase their package, and call that “documentation”) I do that before sleeping, even just ten or fifteen minutes. Even if you don’t have much time, that should be enough to become productive in less than a week (heck, when I started using Anki I didn’t even know there was a manual and I was still able to to all I needed to since it was pretty self-explanatory). Even if the manual looks intimidating, it’s actually quite short.

However, I can understand you (as many other users) don’t really like having to read the manual. It’s a technical document, it feels heavy and full of superfluous details where it’s hard to find what you were looking for. Well, actually, reading such documents is a skill that can be learned, too. If you often find yourself in the situation where the only available solution to learn how to do something is by reading such a manual, maybe it’s worth the effort of learning that skill. If you don’t, don’t worry! There are plenty of free tutorials that will gently take you by the hand and take you for a tour of Anki’s most used features. Just google “Anki tutorial” and pick your favorite one, maybe that be video series, a single longer video with a more comprehensive tour, or an article. I can’t really recommend one in particular (maybe someone can?) because I just read the manual, but I’m sure you’ll find something that will fit you.

Finally, if you have any specific question, you can simply post it on this forum (after having searched to see if it was already posted). Usually you will get an answer the day you post your question, especially for beginner questions, for free!

To be honest, the lack of paid tutorials / courses / whatever (ankipalace is the only one I am aware of) is probably due to the fact that there is plenty material available to free, may that be the general purpose documentation, more focused tutorials or specific problem-solving forums.

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I think it’s completely fine to look for a tutor, if that’s your preferred method of learning. If you can’t find one here, maybe on Discord or reddit.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Tex package authors must really love writing tex files. :grin:

Thank you! I’m going to post my question as another thread now, and hopefully someone will be to help me.