Anki not saving recorded audio with shortcut

When recording audio using the F5 shortcut key the audio file doesn’t appear in the textbox, therefore not successfully adding it to the card. However, I can hear the audio playback when I click the save button (meaning it did record it), it’s just that there’s no audio file being linked.

However, when I click the Record Audio button (without F5), it adds it. Like this:

I was using Anki 2.1.44 before and it was working great. I was able to just hit F5 and the save button and everything would work well. I recently updated to the most recent one and now the file won’t appear. I really need the shortcut key to speed up the card creation process.

Don’t know if it’s a bug or maybe there’s something wrong on my end.

Any help is appreciated!

Are you using the Customize Keyboard Shortcuts addon by any chance?


I am experiencing the same issue. Will really appreciate it if you could share when you find the solution.

It was exactly this! After disabling it and restarting Anki, it started working as intended again. Thanks!

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I have reported this to the addon author:

We may have to be patient with the response, though. I am wondering if there is some addon config that would allow it to work, but not sure what it would be.

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Aha, found a workaround.

Go to the line in the addon config that says
"editor record sound": "F5",
Change it to
"editor record sound": "<nop>",

Now F5 works again

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