A bug about recording in version ⁨2.1.61

I found a bug about recording in Version ⁨2.1.61. My laptop is running MacOS 10.14.6

Whenever I use F5 to record, the recording info in square brackets doesn’t appear.

This happens to me, too, but for me it’s an add-on conflict, I just haven’t figured out which add-on yet. Try holding down the shift key while opening Anki to stop add-ons from loading and see if it still happens


@joy The culprit in my case turned out to be the “Customize Keyboard Shortcuts” addon. (I’m on Windows, by the way.) Do you happen to use that one?

Aha, found a workaround.

Go to the line in the addon config that says
"editor record sound": "F5",
Change it to
"editor record sound": "<nop>",

Now F5 works again

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