Recording gets disturbed by windows sound


I use my soundcards ability to loop back the output to a microphone-input to record the sound for my vocab. This worked for the last 2 years or so perfectly. The last time I created new cards with sound there wasn’t yet a problem (3 Month ago). (Current Setup: Windows 10(pre May-Update), Anki Dekstop 2.1.29 and 2.1.26)


When I now start a recording through F5 or the Record-Button a Windows-System Sound is played. But the recording is still faithfully created. The problem is the Windows sound is then intermingled with the vocab I wanted to record. This makes the recording unusable or at least makes me not want to use it.

Further Speculation/Information

I don’t know if its a property of Anki which leads to this behavior in or if it is a Windows property. I suspected it has something to do with the windows mic-settings but Anki is not getting blocked there. But if I block it the expected error is displayed with the same System-Sound which destroys my recordings.

I would be grateful if some could help me to solve the problem or at least could tell me the reason for behavior.

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