Issues with keymapping/shortcut

I’ve got this plugin (Numeric Keypad Remapping) that remaps 5 (on the numeric keypad) to replay audio in the reviewer.
It works on 2.1.15, but when I use 2.1.35 it doesn’t.
I tested also with just this addon loaded, and no other, so it’s not one other addon overwriting the key.
I’m using Linux Ubuntu 18.

AFAIK the code used to add the shortcut is this:

oldShortcutKeys = Reviewer._shortcutKeys
keymappings = oldShortcutKeys(self)
keymappings.append(("5", lambda:

Before I keep trying to understand the issue more, is there something in this code that doesn’t work anymore for the newest stable version?

There is no conflict information in the command line (IIRC I had one in the old 2.1.15 version when there were issues)

Is there a distinction in 5 whether it is typed from the numeric keypad or the main one? I forgot to test the main keyboard but I can try if needed.

Thank you

PS: If anyone has the same issue, I have solved it temporarily by disabling the shortcut in that addon, and using the “Customise Keyboard Shortcuts” addon, which has been updated this year and is working fine.

5 pauses audio in recent Anki versions - you can see so by tapping on More in the review screen.

Thanks I’d missed that one and a few others.
That plug-in I mentioned was able to redirect all the shortcuts I don’t want to remote shortcuts that I don’t need. If it wasn’t for this plugin I’d have had to go back to 2.1.15 for my daily use.