Audio funkiness after update .42

I’m having strange audio issues after updating to the latest (2.1.42) anki version. On a card review, if I have multiple audio files to be played, it seems not all of them are played. When I push ‘r’ to repeat the audio, it plays a seemingly random one. Previously, they would all be played one-by-one in correct order for both the initial review and after pressing ‘r’ without issue.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this? Thought switching from Qt to PyAudio might help, but it didn’t.

edit: I’m just going through some cards with a single audio file on the front side only, and about 25% of the time the audio file doesn’t play. I have to push ‘r’ to hear the audio.

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One user experienced a similar issue recently and he narrowed it down to Hitmarkers add-on. If you have it installed, try to disable it.

Otherwise, maybe it’s some other add-on. Try to disable all of them.