Add a controller for audios

I’m using Anki for years but in the Universal Windows platform with Anki Universal app developed by third-part person.
now I switch to Anki Desktop and I miss one important feature that I use a lot on AnkiUniversal app. It was a controller for audios. such as play and stop or seek the audio. its very usefull when we have a long length audio in our Deck.
It would be so nice to have this feature in AnkiDesktop app and Ankidroid.
I’m waiting for your feedbacks about this.

best regards.

I suggest to give control audio add-on a try.

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thank you for your reply, I just add this to my AnkiDesktop
but its far away from what I really need.

well I don’t know about programing and I have this question. is it too hard to implement one built-in audio controller? Is that some reason to not adding this feature yet? I’m just curious!

I guess the main reason is lack of request. I think someone may have done it via JavaScript.

Vanilla Anki all you can do is to use the shortcut keys in the review screen to pause and jump forward/backward 5 seconds.