Audio Controls for Desktop/Mobile

Hello! I’m an Anki desktop/iOS app user and wanted to know if there was a way to add audio controls to a card. I have some long audio files (15-20m) that by default automatically play from the beginning with no way to navigate within the file, and I need to navigate to specific points in the file occasionally while studying. I attempted to accomplish this using the following html:

and was able to get an audio player in the card, but couldn’t get it to play my linked Onedrive mp4a file. Anybody have any suggestions? Would love it if I could use these controls both on the app and desktop, but would settle for either.

Anki was not really intended to be used with such long files, so while it has actions to jump forward or backward 5 seconds, there is no built-in feature to seek to a particular point. Rather than including long files on your cards, you may want to consider dividing the large file up into more manageable pieces using an audio editor, so only the part relevant to the card plays - it means initial card creation takes longer, but speeds up the review process.