Anki new version syncing conflict between PC and phone

After updating anki
It asked me to change to legacy timezone
Now my syncing has some conflict
The reviews in my PC do not come up on my phone!
Only the reviews of the day before is what is present


Now i have a problem, the syncing is in conflict.
My PC reviews are not the same as those on ankidroid

If you can reproduce it after a full sync from one device to the other, please report the issue on the AnkiDroid issue tracker and provide them with your deck to reproduce it.

What do you mean by reproduce?

After doing a full sync, it it still happens, please report it to the AnkiDroid developers.

There is no syncing problem from PC
The Ankiweb is just similar to that of the PC anki
I think the problem is in ankidroid
Excuse me for the inconvenience :pleading_face: