Anki Interval Settings

I updated to the newest anki version and at one point, my original interval settings were working fine. I then proceeded to do a full force sync on mobile since those settings still weren’t correct. Now, both of the settings don’t work. I have longer interval settings if that makes any difference. I tried backing up to previous versions many times and still nothing is working. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? I have specific interval settings for a reason and do not want to use the standard ones. I have also checked and the settings I want are the ones that are set, but when I click a new card, there are different settings. I even went to each deck and clicked apply settings to all decks and nothing has changed. Anybody can help me out, I really appreciate it.

For us to be able to help you, you’ll need to be more specific than “don’t work”. Please follow the steps on this page (and update AnkiMobile as well - you’re using quite an old version), and if you continue to have trouble, please describe the troubles you’re having in detail.

I thought what I had said was sufficient to understand what I meant, but let me be more clear. I have longer interval settings. When I update to a newer Anki version, whether thats on my computer or mobile phone, the interval settings change. When I go to the settings itself, it still shows the same interval settings I had set it to, but when I go to a card, review or new, then the settings change. I ended up backing up to an older version of Anki on my computer so those settings are now fine, on the review and new cards. However, the mobile version doesn’t work. It required me to update to the V2 scheduler which I did, but again, after I did that, the interval settings were incorrect. I tried uploading and synching from Anki web to the mobile, but still the interval settings are wrong. If anybody could give me some advice, I would really appreciate it.

You say the settings “change” and that they are “wrong”, but I’m afraid that gets me no closer to understanding the issue. How do they change, and how are they wrong? Please be specific.


I have interval settings set at 1m, 10m, 1d, 2d, 3d, graduating interval is at 4d and easy is at 5d. When it changes, the new interval settings become 1m, 6m, 1d I believe. I tried changing them back to what I had and when I go into my actual interval settings, they are the correct ones I have set, but when I click on a new or a review card, it is the new interval settings that pop up and will not change.

Learning cards have 4 buttons in the v2 scheduler. The hard button is the average of again and hard on the first step, so you’d go from 1m 10m 5d to 1m 6m 10m 5d. If you want to study as you did previously, you can just ignore the hard button.

A list of changes in the v2 scheduler is available here: The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions