Issue with Anki Learning Intervals after syncing to iPad

A few days ago I downloaded the anki app to my iPad and synced it to by web account. Since then, when trying to use Anki on my Mac, the learning intervals are all out of whack. On a deck that I had gone through once, usually my intervals look like this: 25 minutes again, 1 day hard, 3 days good, 5 days easy. On a deck where it is my first time seeing the cards, my intervals are usually 25 minutes again, 12.2 hours hard, 1 day good, __ easy (I can’t remember exactly). However, since syncing to my Ipad, my intervals are constantly changing from card to card within the same deck. For the same deck of cards which I have all seen only once, this is the range of intervals I see:
25 minutes again, 1 day hard, 4 days good, 5 days easy
25 minutes again, 1 day hard, 3 days good, 4 days easy
25 minutes again, 1 day hard, 2 days good, 3 days easy
These intervals change randomly from card to card.
And for cards I am seeing for the first time, I get 25 minutes again, 1 day hard, 1 day good, 4 days easy.
I have not changed any of my original settings (at least not to my knowledge) and I don’t know what to do. I just want to return to my normal intervals. I tried logging out of my web account on the Ipad but that didn’t do anything. Help please :slight_smile:

Re 2,3,4, please see Studying - Anki Manual. Older Anki versions did this too, but they did not show you on the answer buttons.

Re 1 day hard/good, hard is halfway between again and good, or about 12 hours. If you’re reviewing in the evening, that will push cards to the next day, hence a 1 day delay.

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