Hard, Good and Easy time intervals

anki interval problem

Hello, I recently changed my settings on anki and adjusted them to the recommended ones I saw on a youtube video. Shortly after I began reviewing my cards and came across this. I reset the sttings to default and closed anki various times but nothing changed. Even if I change the maximum interval, the hard, again and easy buttons show the same amount of days which is frustrating. Can anyone give me some advice on how to change this?

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when you change settings while you have cards in learning/re-learning phase, the settings won’t change for previous cards. they will follow the settings in which they entered learning/relearning phase.
you can either let them graduate in this settings or reset the learning cards.


ok thankyou. How do i reset the learning cards?

i personally would change the scheduler version to old version then set in back on new. this resets all learning cards. (maybe there are better ways of doing it, but this is the way i would do it)
go to “Tools -> Preferences and uncke 'Anki 2.1 scheduler (beta)” click on close. then go back there and change the scheduler version back to 2.1.

Another way to do it is filter the cards in the browser with is:learn select them and reschedule them with place at the end of the queue option. That may be the way to go for the users who use an old version before v2 scheduler was introduced.