Change hard interval on new cards with the custom scheduler

In the V3 scheduler I can’t get the hard interval working the way I want on new cards. With my beloved settings new cards show the following intervalls:

  • Again: 1⁩d
  • Hard: ⁨1⁩d⁨
  • Good: 4⁩d⁨
  • Easy: 8⁩d

Though I’d like the hard interval to be 2 days. (It worked fine in the V2 scheduler)

My Settings for new cards:

  • Learning steps: 1d
  • Graduating interval: 4

I’ve got an idea about why anki makes the hard interval 1d in this case. To solve the problem I could add another learning step (like 4 days):

  • Learning steps: 1d 4d
  • Graduating interval: 9

I did this for a couple of month now, but it isn’t a good solution for me. So I tried using the custom scheduler by taking the code from the official anki-manual and tweaked it to my purpose (though I don’t know much about JS):

// print the existing states
console.log(JSON.stringify(states, null, 4));

// load the debugger if the web inspector is open

// if the hard button is a learning step, make it a 2 day delay
if (states.hard.normal?.learning) {
states.hard.normal.learning.scheduledSecs = 2 * 24 * 60 * 60;

// apply the same change in a rescheduling filtered deck
if (states.hard.filtered?.rescheduling?.originalState?.learning) {
states.hard.filtered.rescheduling.originalState.learning.scheduledSecs = 2 * 24 * 60 * 60;

Unfortunately this didn’t solve the problem. Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks a lot!

There have been some tweaks to the learning steps in the development code - do you get the same behaviour in 2.1.50beta2?

Just tried it in 2.1.50 beta 2 db804d95-mac-qt6-apple. Still the same situation. Thanks :slight_smile:

That code shows 2d on the hard button for me. But I also see 2d on the hard button without it, and with a learning step of 1d set. I suspect we already fixed this after beta 2; please post back if the issue still happens for you after beta 3 comes out.

Issue solved in beta 3. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unfortunately it didn’t. Sorry! From lunchtime on it shows a hard-interval of 2 days. But this actually worked in < 2.1.49. Though before lunchtime it shows a hard-interval of 1 day.

@dae, the interval is apparently 1.5 days in this case. I guess we should round to the nearest interval in days if the interval is larger than 24 * 60 * 60 secs?

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problem solved in beta5 3564ece6-mac-apple-qt6

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